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Partnership Your Way

Become a Partner-Agent

We customize your contract to suit your way of doing business.

Your residuals are yours, no matter what happens in the industry.  

Our negotiation power is evident in being able to out-compete 99% of the processor and ISO offerings. You will be able to quote a lower rate in 99 cases out of 100.

Hit the ground running. One small account a year or a thousand large ones – we welcome you to our team with the same enthusiasm and support.

99 times out of a hundred your accounts will come back as Approved the same day.

We don’t play games with your money. We split and pay residuals as soon as we receive them in our bank account.

Our goal is to facilitate your deals in any way possible.  If it makes business sense – it will be done.

We split the revenue with you minus the Buy Rate. Clear, simple, fair.

Complete Interchange Detail for Downgrade Identification and account optimization for every transaction.




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