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Save 15-25% off your monthly bill today!

Merchant account cost ranges from free to premium. 

    • The lowest cost merchant account is what is called Zero Cost Credit Card Processing or Cash Discount or Surcharge. While not technically free, these options shift the credit card fees from the business onto the consumer.  Sign up for Zero Cost Processing.
    • Cost Plus is the conventional model for maximum savings.  Cost here refers to the Interchange Rate, which is a highly variable rate being charged by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc (Card Brands). The Interchange Rate is non-negotiable and is the same for everyone.  Get Discounted Cost Plus pricing for your merchant account.
    • Fixed Rate is the simplest way to accept credit cards. Fixed Rate accounts strive to approximate the average rate of the Cost Plus approach then add a bit on the top for safety margin. This method is predictable by slightly more expensive than Cost Plus. We provide the most competitive Fixed Rates for all industries. Contact us about a Fixed Rate Merchant Account now.
    • Premium Cost merchant accounts are normally high-risk businesses such as Gambling, Cannabis Related Business (CRB), CBD, etc.  It is difficult to find banks willing to underwrite a high-risk business. The low supply and high demand create a premium cost situation. We shop around various banks to bring you the best rates.


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